Space 2047

Space 2047

Space 2047 is my first fictional book and is a comedy adventure in space

The book features the characters Karen, Salomina, Cedric and Brian who are space delivery drivers, delivering pointless objects across the universe that far too often have no usefulness whatsoever to unintelligent customers.

Salomina, Karen, Cedric and Brian are space delivery drivers and they fly the spaceship “Are we there yet?”, a spaceship that was provided to them by the company that they work for.

The delivery job that they do is a mundane and boring delivery job and they far too often deliver the most boring and unuseful objects to the most boring of people across the entire universe.

The intergalactic highway

Is a very frustrating place. Once I saw a meteorite repair man eaten by a gigantic hamster because the singing meteorite wasn’t fixed on time. Fixing singing meteorites is a very dangerous occupation, and not best attempted whilst wearing spandex.

Food in space

Food in space is not filled with delights and some people take eating things to extremes, especially the flesh eating aliens from MAM who are intergalactic cannibals and mad as a badger without a toilet on an intergalactic spaceship.

You Might Also Like

  • Not being kidnapped by space aliens
  • Not eating revisualised sandwiches
  • Not chasing escaping hamsters across the sky
  • Not spending time listening to singing meteorites repeatedly.
  • Not being chased by intergalactic traffic wardens throughout the galaxy.
  • Not crashing your spaceship.
  • Not meeting the flesh eating aliens from MAM.
  • Not losing your bicycle pump when your hedgehog has been run over and you need to reinflate it immediately.
  • Not facing a meteorite without a large robotic organ and fine organ playing skills.

Ben Robinson

Intergalactic sofa traveller, and author of Space 2047.

Explore the universe

The universe is filled with many interesting and unusual places including the planet Earth, the planet Mars, the space stations and the colonies inside meteorites. Some of them ask if you are wearing underpants and knickers before entering them, including the museum dedicated to intergalactic toilet facilities.

Breaking News!

A window cleaner from the planet Mars has by accident flown his antigravity spaceship into a large double glazing warehouse and is now on the run from the intergalactic doubling glazing association, and was last spotted buying huge amounts of plasters and placing them on his bottom. Please be very careful when approaching him. He has three heads and calls himself Bert 264723. Please do not, whatever you do…

  • Feed him a ham sandwich at midnight, because he turns into a werewolf.
  • Look at him for more than thirty seconds, as he will ask to marry you.
  • Take a ride in his spaceship as he will only make you do the cleaning for very low wages and steal your bogies and sell them on the intergalactic internet in the middle of the night.
  • Admire his trouser legs as he will pull some cheese out of them and attempt to seduce you into buying a time share on a rubbish planet that no one has ever heard of.
  • Sellotape an intergalactic traffic warden to a meteorite, their mothers will chase you through the universe and try to force feed you their cooking whilst trying to find out where their relative is, and then steal your spaceship and drink drive it across the universe whilst trying to find them.


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