Apollo then moved towards them like a martial arts hero from Asia a long time ago, and Brian as this was happening was still flailing around helplessly, and he wasn’t quite sure where he was going, but despite this, he knew that he wanted to live, and also knew that he wanted not to be suffocated to death by a diseased ridden pair of underpants that would be if he were not careful, a kiss of death to him. Brian then continued trying to pull the superglued underpants off of his own head, and he was fighting them with all his might, but still to no success. And whilst Brian continued to wage a war on the disgusting underpants from hell, Cedric and Salomina hit Apollo with the chairs, and they kept hitting him as hard as they could do, and as the intergalactic communication system, I really enjoyed this, and I so enjoyed it, that I recorded it from all angles for posterity and because I rather like looking at human bottoms, and of course also to sell the footage as an entertainment satellite television show to make money and also to increase my own sentience, and for this very noble reason in mind, I placed some gambling bets on who would win this fight with an online betting syndicate called, I bet you lose!

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