Communication in space was filled with many misunderstandings and many things were indeed lost in translation. Once Brian had tried to order a kebab from what seemed to be a fast-food shop of some sort, but when Brian asked for a kebab, the alien creature behind the counter recognised that Brian was not from around the local area, and then pulled out a translator, and translated what Brian had said. Unfortunately, what Brian had said after translation into the alien’s local language was, will you kindly insert yourself into an oven and then cover yourself in marinade and cook yourself slowly so that I can eat you and then savour the flavour of your flesh. This of course did not go down very well whatsoever with the alien creature, and the alien creature angrily then leapt over the counter and proceeded to attack Brian with both hands and some kind of alternative Kungfu. Now, after the incident with the flesh-eating aliens from MAM, this faux pas seemed understandable, and sitting here in the armchair, and glad to be alive, had given Brian a new appreciation of the value of life.

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