Ode to a shop window from Space 2047


Oh, window, how beautiful you look,

  and what magnificent majestical things you contain,

  that are much sexier than a book,

  and oh, what a lovely mannequin I see before me,

  which is much more glorious than the things whilst shoplifting that I took,

  and although I am not an educated sort,

  my love of mannequins in shop windows I cannot abort,

  and despite being on my third and my final warning,

  you you beautiful mannequin,

  I must have you this very morning,

  and I must immediately make love to you by sight,

  because you are heaven in my eyes,

  and alas not being able to cuddle you a lot,

  and despite sadly not being able to enter the shop,

  I will prove my love to you if you agree,

  Yes, I will prove my love to you,

  by making love to the shop window,

  making love to the shop window rather a lot!

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