Brian, Karen and Salomina were all holding hands and having a spiritual moment, and they all felt closer to something, something powerful which they did not quite understand, and there was true power before their very eyes, and if there was one singular thing responsible, then it was a very intelligent being, but there was also a possibility that the universe was not omnipotent. A very large tent camping inside a bubble, as derived from the bubble universe theory. Yes, the bubble universe theory, it was a very interesting thought the bubble universe theory, and maybe we do all live in large bubbles, and maybe, one day someone will pierce our bubble from the outside, and collapse the entire universe, which is not something that really bares thinking about. Oh, the end of the universe, the final end, the very end of humanity and of all its species, oh, what a terrible thing that would be, the eradication of every piece of history created by all living beings, who appreciate life, and all its miraculous opportunities to do and see and enjoy the pleasures of the senses and the mind. Yes, a truly terrible thing it would be, the emptiness, the void where such great beauty and variation in all its glorious forms ceased to be in a time gone wrong.

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