Down to the sea poetry book – kindle version


This is the kindle version of my poetry book, down to the sea.


Down to the sea is my fourth book of poetry. This is the kindle version, it contains the poem:

There is no way to understand,
what goes through someone’s mind,
there is no way to understand the heat of the moment,
and the thoughts of killing,
and no way to describe the insanity of modern times,
and there are not enough words to describe,
the lust for killing in the twenty first century,
and there is no reason for killers to be on the streets,
and to be able to murder people freely,
and to be able to murder people freely,
for little reason at all with guns and knives,
and it begs the question what society is doing about it,
and the governments of the world,
for people continue to die endlessly and needlessly,
so, is not it time we end the misery,
because we have seen far too much violence,
and too much blood spilt upon our streets,
blood spilt by those with savage and vicious minds,
and is not it now really time,
the time to educate,
the time to take the guns and knives away,
the time to end the callous brutality,
this evil scourge upon humanity,
this wickedness, this insanity,
this insanity caused by the mentality,
of a dystopian society,
because in this society we are far too often led by leaders,
who through bureaucracy,
never solve the problems of the world,
and who seem more intent,
on staying in power,
more intent on staying in power,
than ending the murders,
caused by guns and knives.


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