A handful of rain poetry book – kindle version


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A handful of rain is my eighteenth poetry book, and this is the kindle version. It includes the poem Erased below.

erased from the memory,
erased by a forgetfulness brought on by a disease,
erased and such a shame,
such a tragedy,
erased and such a misery,
erased and such a heartache,
erased and plagued by such forgetfulness, such frustration, and such irritation.
Erased, oh, how cruel Alzheimer’s is,
and how cruel the tricks it plays upon the brain,
and how cruel life is,
and how much a fight to remember it is,
and how we pray for a cure, and how we wish for a cure,
a cure to this debilitating curse upon humanity,
this curse that renders people totally devastated,
and changed forever as human beings.
Yes, Alzheimer’s,
A what a horrible illness it is,
and what an affliction, what a curse,
but, yes, may there soon be a cure,
which would be a miracle,
but at the moment, well,
we can only hope and do the best for our loved ones,
our loved ones who so often cannot remember us,
with their memories erased,
and desperately clinging to the past.
Oh, Alzheimer’s,
Alzheimer’s that bloody awful disease,
Alzheimer’s, erasing loved ones,
and families and happy memories,
erasing so many things,
and leaving faces and minds as blank,
as blank as an empty page,
as blank as an empty page,
a terrible tragedy,
that education and science, has been so far,
so far, unfortunately,
been unable to erase.


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