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Alas the day is my first book of poetry, and the poem Alas the day is about the erosion of freedom of speech and the eradication of ignorance.


Alas the day is my first book of poetry, and the poem Alas the day is about the erosion of freedom of speech and the eradication of ignorance.

The book contains the following poems, on the pages mentioned.

A blank page, 72

Alas the day, 8

Alphabet what is your shade, 18

And when the day dawns upon the night, 28

Angelic, 74

Aurora borealis, 54

Beguiled, 87

Behemoth, 75

Bewildered, 60

Bow down to the sun, 15

Broken locks, 82

Butterfly, 62

Carry me over the river, 53

Charity, 51

Chat show, 12

Define, 62

Did the mountain, 10

Dilapidated state of mind, 114

Diplomacy, 31

Edge of the pond, 22

Ever slow, 82

Fast upon the waves, 65

Forever in our hearts, 101

From the cliffs to the shore, 99

From the first time, 51

Gentility of the night, 55

Get on with your life, 112

Goodbye, 60

Gravity and gravitas, 89

Greed, 83

Hang on to the moment, 91

Happiness and bliss, 95

Here is Oscar Wilde, 89

How are you?, 30

I dreamt across the sea, 71

I think of you, 97

I’ve missed you, 103

If by logic and common sense, 97

If in thine eyes, 78

Imagine, 84

In my mind, 64

In such a fire as the sun, 90

In the blink of an eye, 67

In the darkest of nights, 71

In the kindness, 68

In the mind’s eye, 66

In the past, 88

In the vastness, 65

In the wind and the shade, 25

In the window, 106

In the woods, 70

Somewhere in the sun, 91

Leaving for the last time, 67

Leaving the shore, 29

Light, 111

Meander through the meadows, 45

Mismatched and misshaped, 80

Modern society, 47

Moon and sky, 52

Mountains, 110

Myriad, 55

Near midnight, 90

Night but alone, 32

Of such great works, 93

Of the river, 69

Of the tallest tree, 92

Of the time it does not matter, 27

Of this Earth, 50

Oh, for how the heart is enshrined, 17

Oh, sparkling sea, 24

Oh, what desolation you feel, 98

Old London town, 33

On a rainy day in August, 15

On the shoulder you carry a star, 102

Patterns in the sand, 104

Peace, 56

Peace and love, 8

Peace and quiet, 61

Poem to the Earth, 26

Rain amidst the tears, 57

Redoubtable, 46

Redundant minds, 108

Ride out the storm, 81

She walks beside me, 70

Sheets of rain, 113

Social networks, 44

Some say not much, 87

Soon to be gone, 79

Starlight and universe, 18

Stone, timber, wood, 86

Strongly against the shore, 69

Such, 65

Sunshine across the clothes, 73

Sunshine upon the coast, 16

Taj Mahal, 107

The door, 71

The future, 77

The stars, 64

The world, 76

There is a table and a chair, 96

There is a time to forget, 85

There is no tomorrow like today, 31

Through the kitchen, 103

Through the pain, 75

Through this hour, 93

Tired of the night, tired of the day, 105

To the girl that I never knew, 110

Torquemada of the heart, 108

Travel light, 48

Under the moon, 63

Under the pergola, 49

Unique, 101

Upon each step, 17

Walk a thousand miles, 76

Wander as you will, 45

Wanton and wild, 63

War, 76

We imagine all, 100

We see the light, 81

We wait, 88

What good is the mind?, 11

What is history?, 21

What is the sum, 68

What is the world?, 27

What of the light, 14

Where is the key to your heart?, 19

Where the winter, 57

Wild is your heart, 12

Wilderness, 22

Wilful and wanton, 13

Wintry skies, 59

With open minds and open hearts, 94

Yellow flowers in the vase, 95

You were unaffected, 73


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