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Alright poetry book. This includes the poem How can you.

To the strong men,
the strong women,
the strong boys and girls,
who suffer in this world from such maliciousness,
from the evil words inflicted upon you,
the jealousy,
the bitterness,
the racism,
the hate,
yes, I admire you,
because how difficult it must be to continue to be kind,
despite going through what you have been put through,
and in the face of ill-judged words,
and malicious evil verbal cruelty,
that people use far too easily,
I wonder you,
I wonder you,
yes, how can you continue to be kind,
when people are so cruel,
yes, I admire you,
I truly do,
putting up with those who are so unstable that they continually bite at those with more heart,
and often intellect than they,
and who have more positivity and good in them,
and the victims do more good than they do,
yes, how do you face them at all without losing your temper,
I do not know, and it is not easy to do,
to suffer so unfortunately the ignorant malicious few,
to face the ill of thought,
and the mentally abusive,
yes, it should not be,
but sadly, such cruelty is far too often true,
and it must take a strong stomach to face it,
and it must take a great deal of courage to suffer,
the psychological trauma,
caused by the belittling,
and the spiteful words of those with evil intent,
because how difficult it is,
coping with the mental health problems,
caused by the ignorant few,
yes, to all of you in this world,
who suffer so much cruelty,
and such bitter words and verbal attacks,
and mental abuse and persecution,
my empathy and my sympathy,


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