Cold day in October poetry book – kindle version


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Cold day in October is my third book of poetry. This is the kindle version.

The book contains the poem Mountains:


I stand before them,

but they can see further than me.

Yes, they with their lofty heights,

that lie above the horizon,

looking to distant places and hailing the clouds,

the sky and the sea, and me,

I stand here obscured by their view,

as I look at the white snow,

that lays at such great great heights,

snow that sparkles so beckoningly,

and oh, how it captivates me,

and now what I would not give,

to climb to such heights,

and to touch such pristine beauty,

for it inspires me but I leave it be,

because I am in a hurry,

but the mountains they continue to stand on guard,

and protect themselves from nature’s works in the rain,

and the monsoon that scatters all,

wherever they may be,

and the mountain,

it cruelly sends its water so far away,

to the valley where it torments humanity,

where it torments humanity with its floods,

and the mountain is proud,

and it says you may come,

but no one will truly conquer me.


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