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Divided is my sixteenth book of poetry. This is the kindle version. It includes the poem Dust bowl.

A hurricane in the distance, a dust bowl,
a house on the hill,
and cherries in a bowl,
the sun up in the sky,
and the wind and the breeze, and the trees,
with the sunlight filtering through,
a dust bowl,
so, here is to staying indoors,
whilst the wind does prowl,
here is to watching the chaos in the distance,
unfurl from the sofa,
and here is to drinking all the beer that a human can stand,
here is to throwing out the day’s plans,
goddamn wind so foul, so foul,
sat in a house on the hill and cherries in a bowl,
watching TV,
with nothing on but misery and war,
as outside the wind does howl,
and feeling kind of hollow,
and vacuous and uneasy, and queasy,
wondering if the wind is going to rip through the building,
wondering if I am going to survive,
wondering if it is going to be the end of the world,
wondering if I can make time stand still,
wondering if, wondering if I am going to live,
whilst eating cherries from a bowl,
whilst eating cherries from. a bowl,
and watching TV that is bad for your soul.


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