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Gun control is my nineteenth book of poetry. This is the kindle version. It includes the poem You.

darkened silhouette,
you shadow,
you, shadow I cannot forget,
yes, you,
you darkened silhouette,
yes, you, shadow,
stay away from me,
the old man in a rocking chair begs and pleads,
and then whispers I am not ready for death,
and death I am sure is not ready for me,
so, darkened silhouette,
darkened shadow please stay away from me,
but the shadow is only cast from the branch of a tree,
silly old me,
silly old me he says and laughs heartily,
silly old me,
and his eyes they light up with a distant memory, 
but a happy memory,
oh, Rosemary how I remember thee,
for how beautiful you were and how I still treasure thee,
and a smile spreads across his face,
for her memory is a treasure that he will always keep,
and a memory that he wants to keep,
for a lot longer yet,
because he is not ready for death,
and he is glad to be warm by the fire,
remembering her in his arms,
and thinking of the smell of her perfume,
and remembering her kisses as if they were yesterday,
and how they were planted upon him so tenderly,
and he is genuinely happy,
genuinely happy and his face lights up with glee,
and he laughs a hearty laugh,
and he points his fingers at the shadows,
you darkened silhouette,
you, shadow,
you, shadow I cannot forget,
stay away from me for I am not ready for death,
because I am far too happy,
with my memories of Rosemary,
and I have no wish,
no wish, for my time upon the Earth,
to come to an end just yet.


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