Halfway to nowhere poetry book – kindle version


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Halfway to nowhere is my eighth book of poetry, this is the kindle version. It contains the poem This Angel.

This angel she walks with me wherever I go,
she walks with me,
and I carry her in my heart through the spring,
the summer,
the autumn,
and the winter,
and as the sun shines,
and the rain and the snow does fall,
this angel,
she walks with me,
and she walks with me where others will not go,
for she is a memory in my mind that stirs so greatly,
my heart and my mind and my soul.
Yes, this angel,
she walks with me wherever I go on this journey,
to where I do not know,
on this road that I walk and that I tread alone,
feeling stronger with her inside me,
she gives me the courage to persevere,
no matter how rocky the roads,
and my heart is brightened,
and the weight of the world,
upon my shoulders is lightened wherever I go,
and when the times are tough her eyes and her smile,
they fill me with such warmth,
no matter the winter or the desolate thoughts,
that through my mind like the wind doth blow,
and this angel she walks with me,
and I remember the touch of her skin and her smell,
for it is as fresh as the flowers of summer,
and she gives me such inspiration,
and she will always be an angel I know,
guiding me,
no matter how difficult life,
and no matter how difficult the road,
and I will carry her inside me,
and be all the better for it,
and I will honour her and her memory and her life,
because she was the love of my life,
and I will carry her in my emotions,
and in my heart wherever I go.


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