Havoc and destruction poetry book – kindle version



Havoc and destruction poetry book kindle version. This includes the poem A glass of wine.

A glass of wine,
a valentine?
A hope,
a dream,
a goal,
a plan,
a scheme,
a wish to meet someone nice.
But at what place,
and at what time,
I do not mind,
because spontaneity is better,
and what a wonderful thing chance is,
and with chance there is no reason or rhyme.
So, I make a choice,
yes, a glass of wine,
at a restaurant on a Saturday night,
under the glass ceiling,
looking at the stars and the moon,
at the restaurant by the riverside,
waiting for chance,
and waiting for fate to bring me someone nice,
and there is anxiety,
and there are possibilities of surprise,
as lonely strangers are surrounded by couples,
and lonely hearts look on wantonly,
hoping to meet the gaze of another,
and find heaven in their eyes.


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