Heaven in their eyes poetry book – kindle version


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Heaven in their eyes poetry book. It includes the poem Here we are.

Here we are,
us, us with gentle minds,
gentle minds and scars,
and broken hearts,
and tearful eyes,
and traumatised minds on the precipices of life,
yes, here we are waiting for angels,
waiting for heaven to take us,
waiting for God to wake us,
waiting for God to wake us on the other side,
whilst having to live with devils with evil minds,
and here we are counting the time,
waiting for the sublime,
with no heaven on Earth in sight,
but destruction, savagery, and barbarity,
in dystopian times,
yes, here we are,
trying not to be hard of heart and cold and callous of mind,
yes, here we are,
here we are with such pain inside,
yes, here we are, trying to crawl out of the shadows,
whilst looking for the light,
and whilst having to suffer the ignorant and the unkind.
Yes, here we are, waiting with jaded minds,
yes, here we are, hoping for fate to change,
and waiting to be blessed by happiness in the meantime,
waiting impatiently as joy too infrequently flows,
and sadness mostly grows and grows,
and oh, what a world it is,
a world of suffering and inhumanity to humanity,
a world of pressure and a world of anxiety,
a world that grinds us down into the ground,
a world that spins us around and around,
leaving us back where we started far too many times.
Yes, here we are,
hoping for the best whilst living with the worst,
yes, here we are looking for the answers,
but mostly finding no answers at all in the chaos of the times,
and for the answers to life’s problems,
having to rely on God to mostly provide.


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