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Hello is my tenth book of poetry, this is the kindle version. It includes the poem Ripped up.

You ripped up your clothes,
you ripped up everything in your room,
you ranted and screamed and shouted things obscene,
and you burnt them all in the backyard under the stars,
and you wore sunglasses and ate ice-cream,
and in a happy mood you ripped up more of your clothes,
and you ripped up everything in the living room,
and you ranted and screamed and shouted things obscene,
and you enjoyed burning them all in the backyard,
under the stars and wearing sunglasses and eating ice-cream,
and you tried to grab the stars in the heavens,
but they were just being mean,
and they would not come to you,
and you could not rip them in two, 
because they were far too high,
so, at them you shouted things obscene,
and you bathed in the moonlight,
and you tried to conjure up an exotic dream,
and nothing came of it,
so, you toasted marshmallows by the fire,
and sat looking for desire,
but the passion of the flames,
did not call out your name,
and no great romance came to you when you called,
and no love came from out of the fire,
which was a shame,
and though you were eccentric to me it did not matter,
but in the ashes of your memory,
I will always remember you laughing and smiling,
and burning everything in sight with a pyromaniac’s delight,
and though your life did not end that way,
I can imagine you in hell,
and with a big smile on your face dancing with the devil,
and fulfilling every desire in your life’s seeming eternity.


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