How the heart is poetry book – kindle version


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How the heart is poetry book. This book includes the poem Another day.

Another day,
another time,
another magnificent vision,
a beauty sublime,
a beauty sublime,
and all is peace and smiles,
and warmth,
warmth that transports me from my cares,
and from my worries,
and into the light,
into the light where there is no fear,
and only beauty and love to enlighten my mind,
and how warm is the love of you,
that burns so bright inside,
so bright,
like lava erupting so powerfully and so beautifully,
oh, what a wonder you are to me,
and oh, how easily you enchant me,
and I remember that first time,
when you enchanted me in the blink of an eye,
and you bring me such happiness,
that is so hard to define,
and as you stand before me dressed so beautifully,
you call to me in your red dress,
and you smile at me,
and you blow kisses to me,
as your dress it lifts up in the breeze,
before the roaring sea,
and oh, how I melt before thee,
how I melt before thee,
as you captivate me so sensually,
and so magnificently,
what a glorious love there is between us,
and what majesty,
and how delicate and wondrous is the simplicity,
and the complexity of the emotions that fill me,
and as you kiss me,
and we dance together before the roaring sea,
before the roaring sea,
there is no you,
and there is no I,
but only we,
only we, before the roaring sea,
in the sunshine,
as the sunlight sparkles off of the water,
and you smile at me and kiss me,
oh, how great you are to me,
as time stands still seemingly,
and nothing else matters to me but you,
and nothing else matters but you to me,
and my heart it rises in excitement,
as we dance cheek to cheek by the roaring sea,
and how beautiful our love is,
and how wonderful it is being together,
and so liberating and free,
before the roaring sea,
and my heart oh, how it dances inside of me,
as your kisses land upon my lips, kisses as sweet as honey.


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