Magical poetry book – kindle version


Magical is my thirtieth book of poetry.


Magical is my thirtieth book of poetry, this includes the poem One.

One for unity,
one for you and me,
one hand upon a hand,
together as one,
your hand on mine,
so delicate and graceful,
and as calming as the sea,
one beauty,
the nature of us,
the nature of we,
together as one,
hand in hand,
as we walk the land, in the sun,
with the sun so glorious,
and shining down so beautifully,
yes, one,
together as one,
and at peace in natures glorious majesty,
together, in harmony,
oh, how magical this feeling is of you and me,
for it is like a rose,
so delicate yet so beautiful to see,
and when I look at you,
I see me,
and how happy are we,
how happy are we,
together as one, under the sun,
in the light that lights up your face so beautifully,
and how powerful does my heartbeat for you,
as powerfully as the waves of the sea,
one, what wonder is being together,
with the one that you love,
and how blessed are we,
how blessed are we, as one,
together, for you are as the sun, which does rise,
and the starry heavens at night to me,
and you, you say the same about me,
and hand in hand,
how magnificent we are together,
revelling in loves beauty, revelling as one,
and how glorious our two hearts,
that beat together so gloriously.


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