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Marooned is my sixth book of poetry, this is the kindle version. It contains the poem Angels.

Angels in the night.
Angels in the day,
there at the hospital,
Angels who save.
Angels who have trained forever and a day,
Angels inside the Doctors and the nurses,
and the Surgeons I say.
for they work all night,
and they work all day,
and they are brave and courageous,
and saving life is such a delicate thing,
because life so often hangs by a thread,
and in the dedication,
and the tireless effort that goes into saving life,
how much skill there is to save people,
for life is brutal and death is far worse,
and death gambles with the patients’ lives in every way,
and of the surgeons with their knives,
how fine a line it is between life and death,
and how much care and compassion,
and education and intellect goes into saving a life.
Angels inside,
the Doctors, the nurses, and the Surgeons I say,
Angels in the night,
Angels in the day.


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