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Salomina valentine is my fifth book of poetry. This is the kindle version and it contains the poem Where do wishes go?

Where do wishes go,
I wish I knew,
but I know not why, where wishes go,
do they go up into the sky,
do they mix with the rain drops,
and the sun and the snow.
Where do wishes go?
Do they go up,
or do they go down below,
are they written through the clouds in words,
or do they play as voices,
voices that call out to those below?
Where do wishes go, and God is it you, who takes them?
I wish I knew, because I have had more than one or two,
and they were never answered, so,
I would like to get them back,
if whoever deals, with them is out there,
and it is ok with you,
for what use are they to you,
because you must have more than enough,
more than enough wishes that is true,
and well, I would really like to rewrite them,
and send them somewhere else,
but who should I contact,
I do not know,
but this is my request, that I shout aloud to you,
please can I have my wishes back?
Please, and sorry for bothering you.


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