Somewhere in my mind poetry book – kindle version



Somewhere in my mind is my seventh book of poetry. It contains the poem Revelation.

an inspiration from fascination it did design,
it did design upon the mind,
a clear vision,
a clear vision of work,
a vision of a work to be,
a dream,
a work of our times,
because time has given rise,
to the rise and the fall of civilisations so many times,
and when we look back at history, and we wonder why,
Too greedy? Definitely.
Too needy? Definitely.
But, war, why does it have to be?
Misunderstanding and too little listening,
and no one trying hard enough to try,
and yet, despite new ideas,
and no one trying hard enough to combat old fears,
with different ways of thinking,
and no one taking the time to understand,
how advanced we could be if we just stopped killing,
stopped killing permanently,
and that to me would be, an epiphany,
a simple one,
but one that could change the world,
and if we attacked the problems of war,
with more educated minds,
we could collaborate,
and have the most advanced civilisations,
ever known in humankind,
and we could solve diseases together,
and we could eradicate poverty,
and homelessness,
and explore the universe,
and protect the Earth,
and the environment,
and save human lives,
if we only we used our minds a little more.
Yes, what a great future there could be for the human race,
if we only changed our ways,
and our ways of thinking,
about how we prevented war.
Yes, we with effort,
Really, could eradicate war forever more,
and how much better the Earth would be off.
Now, what more of an incentive do you need,
than to look back at human history,
because there has been far too much blood spilt before,
and there have been far too many people killed,
because of war,
a billion people or more,
and war, what is it good for,
absolutely nothing at all,
nothing at all I am sure,
because it never gets us anywhere,
and it never will in the future,
and it never has in the past before.


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