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Sooner or later poetry book. This includes the poem Rain drops falling.

Rain drops falling,
rain drops in my eyes as I stand with my broken heart,
upon the bridge of sighs.
Rain drops falling,
rain drops so cool upon the skin whilst I,
whilst I am like a volcano inside,
ready to erupt,
and ready to erase all those tear drops,
with the fires that burn so fiercely inside,
oh, those fires inside me,
that so painfully will not leave me be,
oh, how terrible the sparks that ignited,
the fires in my heart, and that tore us apart,
and that devastated our relationship, and you and me.
Oh, I cannot see, I cannot see the wood for the trees,
without the joy that you brought to me,
and now you are gone, time has moved on,
and my heart has not,
and I no longer have any cheerful songs inside me.
Oh, what it is to be me, I cannot say,
and I cannot think of it,
because without you, it is hard to exist,
and it is a shame, a terrible shame,
that you and me were not meant to be,
and here I am soaked in melancholy,
bemoaning what used to be,
and alas the night,
despite its heavenly delights,
now it is only hell for me, hell for me,
because it only reminds me,
of when we used to cuddle up together by the fireside,
with a glass of wine,
and the night now, well, it only brings me misery,
and of my tears, of my tears there is a sea,
and I, I am drowning in loneliness,
and woe is me, woe is me,
and my mind is as far from calm as can be,
and although I desire tranquillity,
there is no peace, no peace inside me,
and sadly, right now peace it is but a dream,
and here I am, as lonely as can be,
here in this heartbroken misery,
and I,
I cannot seem to pick myself up again,
because the memories of you,
and the beauty of you,
and your smile too,
how they pull me back towards you,
how they pull me back to wanting you,
and to the good times where we seemed so right together,
yet, with thoughts of our arguments,
oh, how I am torn in two,
how terribly, I am torn in two,
and those rain drops,
no, they will not stop,
and I,
I am coloured blue,
coloured blue, through and through,
and, alas, heartbreak to me is nothing new,
and of where I am going, I have no clue,
without you,
yes, because without you,
I have lost my way,
and sadly, when we parted,
there was so much left unsaid,
but so much left still to say,
and time without you,
oh, how slowly it slips away,
how slowly it disappears as the rain drops fall,
and my thoughts of you how cruelly,
they bring me joy and pain,
and oh, how terribly they wreck my brain,
and though, I try to struggle on,
and battle through the pain,
each day is the same,
and, even on a sunny day,
inside me there is eternal rain,
eternal rain,
and upon the floor,
there is an ocean of me,
and there will be more of me, down there,
more oceans of me soon upon the floor I am sure,
for this pain,
it comes at me in waves,
again, and again and again,
in a never-ending refrain,
and now, sadly I despair at the joy that I once had,
and how searing is the pain that tears me apart,
as I sit here alone with my broken heart,
and torn, torn, torn apart,
and inside me, there is a war or three,
and I am ashamed of how the wars inside me,
did get there start,
and now, you are far, far from me,
and there will not be,
there will not be any chance for rapprochement,
and no kissing and making up,
because our love is history,
and I am a bitter me,
and how bitter I feel,
for there not to be love in my heart anymore,
and without you,
I am dazed and confused,
and heart broken,
and not amused,
and I am feeling blue, blue, blue, blue,
without you,
without you,
but what can I do,
oh, what can I do,
because time they say is a healer,
and time, it moves far too slowly,
and I, inside am sore, sore, sore,
as our love it disappears into history,
and as I struggle with all my might,
to wrestle it from my mind,
and I tell my heart to leave it be, leave it be,
but my heart it won’t listen,
and my mind, oh,
how it suffers the slings and the arrows,
of our own actions and our self-inflicted misfortunes,
that rage inside me so apocalyptically,
so, apocalyptically.
oh, woe is me, oh, woe is me.


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