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Winter is my twenty first book of poetry. It includes the poem

A silent stream,
a quiet moment of soliloquy,
a dream,
a daydream,
sat here looking for simplicity,
and finding it in the sunshine,
alone here by the stream,
with the leaves falling off of the trees,
and floating away so gently past,
as I calmly sit in the gentle breeze,
and as I sit in the sunshine so warm,
that makes me feel so at ease,
how uplifted I am by natures inspirations,
that fill my mind and my heart,
and in the quiet,
and in my heart and my mind,
what joy leaps inside me as I pass the time,
with such happiness expressed in my eyes,
and as natures glories are unfurled before me,
and the birds sing so beautifully in the trees,
how wonderfully nothing fills me,
fills me with its tranquillity,
and my mind it floats happily,
and gently as if a butterfly upon the breeze,
and it floats here and there and everywhere,
and I see clearly in the clarity of calm,
and I ponder and I wander in my thoughts,
admiring the beauty,
the beauty of the river reeds,
and I too admire the ducks and their glorious colours,
as upon the stream they swim gently past,
and a cat sits in the sun enjoying the warmth,
and the birds they float on high and fly so fast,
but me, I am happy in soliloquy,
and I am happy relaxing in the peace that I find,
for through life, it helps me see my way along the path,
and no matter how rocky the road I may tread,
and no matter what great mountains I have to climb,
in the calm how much more easily,
thoughts are clarified and refined,
and here the mind is a happy mind,
and the heart is joyous,
and joyously surrounded by the sublime,
the sublime glories of nature,
that here by the stream I find.


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