Brian had heard of stories of people being disappeared in the local area and had been told to be wary by a local police drone. Suddenly from behind Brian, he heard a voice, and it said, “Put your hands up and let me get you into that clothing.” Brian then quickly turned around and saw a drone with a Lazer gun. The drone was threatening him, and it moved towards him menacingly, and then kept repeating the words, “Put your hands up, put your hands up you sexy devil.” Brian felt immediately uncomfortable and was in a rather awkward position, but he felt he had no choice but to comply with the drone, and he did what he was told and then began to undress. The droid then began to take pictures of Brian with every part of his body on display through the see through clothing. Brian was afraid, yes, he was very afraid of what the drone was going to do with the pictures. Brian had only just managed to calm his mother down after she had knocked him unconscious with a frozen cucumber, and Brian really did not want to upset her any further whatsoever.

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