The man in question who was ranting and raving had a nervous breakdown after his request for a zebra wearing a bra was not answered, and he then began crying and no one could console him at all. The man cried so much that he flooded the zebra crossing with his tears, and then found out that he could not swim whatsoever. Afterwards a kind and generous soul then brought him a set of scuba diving gear, and he then swam around in his own tears for several weeks and lost one of his eyeballs, which was rather unfortunate. The man eventually bought another one on the internet and then learnt that he could learn to crochet with his own nostrils. The man upon finding that information out, then crocheted a large nose, and claimed that he was related to nostrildamus, but even nostrildamus could not have predicted that the sight of the crocheted nose would cause huge numbers of people to develop a phobia of bogies.

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