Space 2047 is about a group of friends who are delivery drivers, delivery drivers who are looking for adventure on the most boring of delivery routes. They arrive on a distant planet in an unattractive galaxy, bored out of their minds and extremely hungry and looking for a new home. The friends head for the nearest restaurant on the planet, which turns out to be a chain, and the only one, which is owned by the ruler of the Planet, Inclement Freud.

Inclement Freud and his staff ply them with alcohol for a whole day, whilst taking huge amounts of money. The friends keep asking for food, which eventually arrives on the back of tortoises in a slow cooker. Some of the other diners are so hungry that they eat the tortoises as well and the friends are outraged, and complain profusely, and get banned from the planet and told to leave and have to find a new home.

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