Karen Toni Loretta Bobbi Erasmus is the spaceships office worker and general organiser, a most unusual name, a really very unusual name indeed, and a name that she acquired by accident, after drinking a pint of space juice, accidentally left in full view of her on the short coffee table in her childhood home by her father, and a most incompetent Father he was too. But on that fateful day in the year 2023, Karen was being entertained, as you do when your parent is an incompetent and slovenly and unshaven and an unwashed inebriate, who after long hard day at handing out parking tickets, had decided to get drunk, whilst Karen stared vacantly at the satellite network television show being projected holographically into the air in front of her. Karen was easily bemused and amused by the satellite television show, but she didn’t mind as her father smelled like a garbage dump, and she had to turn her nose away from him in order to be able to breath. And whilst she breathed in the cleaner air, which wasn’t really much cleaner whatsoever, Karen noticed her father getting up from the table and putting down his drink on the coffee table. Karen had always wondered what it was, and she crawled towards the drink like an intergalactic sprinter from the planet Vitruvius, a place known as an incredibly dangerous place to live. And in a couple of seconds Karen had reach the sweet-smelling drink with a straw and began to take a large sip from it, and as she did, whatever was in it was tickling her nose and making her eyes go all funny, and of course as you do, when you are growing up, at any enjoyable activity, you start smiling and laughing immensely. And after a few moments and after immediately falling in love with whatever the drink was there was a larger smile upon her face than ten Cheshire cats, which was rather a lot!

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