Breaking news! Traffic warden in a space aliens trousers!

An intergalactic traffic warden was spotted today inside an aliens trousers on the intergalactic highway. The space alien was not quite sure how the trafiic warden had arrived in his trousers but he was not happy. I asked the space alien for an interview and this is what he said about the situaiton.

Q Hello Mr Space alien, how are you today?

A Well, not great actually, I have an intergalactic traffic warden in my trousers and I really am quite annoyed. You see I was just minding my own business, and suddenly I felt my trousers grow and I looked down and there was an intergalactic traffic warden in my trousers, The intergalactic traffic warden did not ask permission and I tried to remove the traffic warden but he handed me a parking ticket for parking inside my own trousers.

Q Wow, Mr Space alien, that is most unusual indeed. Did you rip up the parking ticket?

A Yes, I did, immediately! It was a terrible intrusion, and not something I ever wished for. The traffic warden was obnoxious and rude, and made many rude comments about the state of my underwear which of course, after travelling on the intergalactic highway need some cleaning.

Q And how did the intergalactic traffic warden react to the state of your underpants?

A Well, I was hoping the state of them would force the intergalactic traffic warden to evacuate my trousers immediately, but unfortunately it was not the case. The space alien proceeded to put on a gas mask, and began singing about his mothers cooking.

Q And did the vibrations in your trousers cause you any problems?

A Yes, I was mistaken for a pneumatic drill by a council worker who picked me up and began to try and use to dig up the road.

Q And did you get paid for digging up the road?

A well, no of course not, I am a space alien wearing spandex trousers. Still, the space alien got tired of being vibrated and jumped out after half an hour, and purchased a copy of Space 2047 immediately.

Q Well, that is fantastic news there Mr Space alien, and is it a good book?

A Yes, it is very enjoyable indeed and features a robot waving underpants violently!

Q Well, thank you Mr Space alien, have a great day and stay away from Intergalactic traffic wardens who want to get inside your trousers ok?

A Yes. I certainly will. Now have a good day. I am off to cheat at bingo!

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