Rogers eccentric hamster book

A new book about an eccentric hamster will be released in 2025. Roger is an eccentric hamster who lives in a mansion in the countryside.

Rogers mother laughed out loud and Roger smiled happily.

Then after having eaten the scones, the jam and the cream and they had drunk the tea, Roger looked around and admired the efforts of their work. Then had a sudden thought.

“How are we supposed to reach the ceiling” said Roger?

Ah said his mother.

“We’ll use helium balloons!”

“Helium balloons?” said Roger.

“Yes helium balloons. And we’ll tie ourselves to them with those bits of string over there” said Rogers mother.

Great said Roger and went over to pick them up.

“They look like worms” said Roger.

Rogers mother laughed.

“Yes they do she said. Now bring them over to me please.”

So Roger did, and Rogers mother, she tied the pieces of string to Rogers balloon, then then gave Roger a feather duster and picked up one herself.

Then tied a piece of string around Rogers waist, and the other end to the balloon, she then did the same, and tied herself to her balloon whilst both of them were holding onto the edge of the sofa.

“Ready?” said Rogers mother?

“Ready!” said Roger not quite sure what to expect.

Then Roger and his mother floated towards the ceiling.

“Yippee!” said Roger, “I’m enjoying this!”

“Me too.” Said Rogers mother with a smile on her face.

Then Rogers Mother began to clean and dust the ceiling of the lounge.

Roger copied her.

“What a great view” said Roger looking out of the large window that looked out onto the beautifully green lawn.

“It is Roger.” she said, “now let’s see how fast we can clean the mansion.”

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